3rd league rise bets & odds – who will rise in 2020?


3rd league rise bets & odds – who will rise in 2020?

Perhaps the strongest third division in the world starts the 2019/20 season on Friday (July 19) and thus its twelfth season.
20 clubs fight in the 3rd league for the victory (two direct promoters & one relegation participant) or to keep the class (4 relegated teams).
The betting base subsequently uses the summer transfers to analyze which club in the 3rd league 2019/20 promotion bets could be worthwhile and takes a closer look at eight clubs.

The status of the 3rd league has increased immensely in recent years. Every single game is now broadcast live with great effort (including commentary, mid-term interviews, follow-up reports, etc.) and with Marvin Compper, a former international has found his way to the 3rd division (to MSV Duisburg) this summer from the top European club Celtic Glasgow .

⚪️3.Liga 2019/20 – Promotion betting: The second division relegation

FC Ingolstadt

🔺Pre-season: 16 in the 2nd division
🔺Quote for the championship title: 6.50

FC Ingolstadt has had a turbulent and extremely disappointing season.
The season started with trainer Stefan Leitl to play for the promotion.
However, it quickly became clear that a possible ascent is miles away from reality and the only question is survival.
After sports director Angelo Vier, long-time managing director Harald Gärtner and three experienced head coaches with Leitl, Alexander Nouri and Jens Keller had to leave, only with the duo Tomas Oral / Michael Henke did hope blossom again.
This coaching tandem got sensational 16 points from the last seven games and thus secured the relegation games for second division league that were no longer considered possible in the meantime. In these, however, you had to give up to SV Wehen-Wiesbaden and start the bitter way into third class.
In summer Michael Henke took over as sports director and was able to hire Jeff Saibene, an excellent coach who could have waited for a good second division offer after his top performance in Bielefeld.
When putting together the squad, particular attention was paid to quick and dangerous wingers, since the game of Ingolstadt was far too static over much of the previous season. Here you are now excellently positioned with Caniggia Elva, Agyemang Diawuse, Maxi Beister and Maximilian Wolfram.
The rest of the squad also lets you click your tongue in third league terms.
In the storm, Stefan Kutschke is certainly good for 20 scorer points (which he even got in the second division at Dynamo Dresden in 2016/17) and the central defense promises to be a real bulwark with Benedikt Gimber and Björn Paulsen. The bookmakers see the Ingolstadt in the 3rd league as absolute top favorites for promotion bets.

FC Magdeburg

🔺Preseason: 17th in the 2nd division
🔺Quote for the championship title: 80.00

The 1.FC Magdeburg released last season after a slow start the long-time successful coach Jens Härtel, who had led the club from fourth to lower house.
Successor Michael Oenning was a rather surprising person, which ultimately did not bring the desired success, so that at the end of the season there was a relegation to the third division.
The rebuilding there would again like to be tackled with a new and unencumbered trainer and with Stefan Krämer he was able to gain a very good motivator and connoisseur of the league.
The direct resurgence was not given as the goal, one wanted to “play a good role”. The squad has been completely changed!
16 players left the club, 13 newcomers came, including experienced players such as Dustin Bomheuer, Sören Bertram and Jürgen Gjasula, who have already proven their class in the second and third leagues.
Crowd favorite Christian Beck could be kept and should continue to ensure the goals, even the experienced Timo Perthel will remain with the Magdeburgers.
The bookmakers see the Magdeburgers in the narrowest circle of favorites, but the squad only gives this to a limited extent: In the goal you seem at best to be occupied on average and in the storm there is a large qualitative gap behind Beck. In the 3rd league, advancement bets on the 1st FCM at existing betting odds are hardly lucrative.

⚪️3rd league 2019/20 – secret favorites

Eintracht Braunschweig

🔺Pre-season: 16th in the 3rd league
🔺Quote for the championship title: 12.0 (Tipico)

In May 2017, she failed in the relegation against VfL Wolfsburg on promotion to the Bundesliga, followed in the summer of 2018 by a surprising relegation to the 3rd division.
The reorganization should succeed with the Dane Hendrik Petersen as the new head coach, but the expectations they had set themselves of wanting to play at the top were missed by miles and Petersen had to leave after only eleven days of play.
The people in charge managed to commit to Andre Schubert a big name as successor who had coached Champions League games at his previous station Borussia Mönchengladbach.
But even with this there was initially no success and one was knocked off last table with eight points behind the saving bank at the winter break.
During the winter break, around a third of the squad was replaced and with a sensational second half of the season, the catch-up succeeded and the rescue in a highly dramatic final against Energie Cottbus on the last match day.
In summer, the Braunschweig team with Peter Vollmann as sports director secured the services of an absolute third division icon. However, successful coach Schubert left the Löwen due to a surprising change to second division Holstein Kiel.
Instead, Schubert’s assistant coach Christian Flüthmann now heads the destiny as head coach, which should ensure a seamless transition. Undoubtedly, Flüthmann lacks any head coach experience at this level!
Therefore, it is doubtful whether the Braunschweigers can be expected to have a say in the championship despite good newcomers (including Proschwitz and Kobylanski).

Hallescher FC

🔺Pre-season: 4th in the 3rd league
🔺Quote for the championship title: 200.0 (Tipico)

As fourth in the previous year, Hallesche FC should actually be the number 1 favorite for promotion alongside the three second division relegated teams.
The Halle team, however, belong to the extended circle of favorites when it comes to the struggle for championship and promotion.
This is mainly due to the fact that they have given Marvin Ajani and Braydon Manu two absolute top performers in the 2nd division.
While Ajani was attracted to promoted Wehen-Wiesbaden, the lightning-fast Manu went to Darmstadt 98 for an impressive transfer fee of 350,000 euros.
Regarding the newcomers, the HFC found what they were looking for above all in Bavaria: Patrick Göbel came from Würzburg (once outstanding in Zwickau, but in Franconia) ultimately never really happy) and returnee Dennis Mast, from second division club Regensburg joins striker Jonas Nietfeld.
As far as the system and the basic order are concerned, coach Thorsten Ziegner, with whom those responsible want to extend, has not offered any major innovations.
Despite some new staff, they want to continue to rely on the tried and tested 3-5-2.
In our opinion, some teams that ended up behind the Halle team last year are to be rated more strongly than the HFC this season, so that in the 3rd division 2019/20 the betting odds for promotion bets on the HFC tend to be too low.

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⚪️3.Liga 2019/20 – promotion bets on outsiders

KFC Uerdingen

🔺Pre-season: 11th in the 3rd league
🔺Quote for the championship title: 100.0 (Tipico)

KFC Uerdingen has had a turbulent season with a total of four coaches. Ascent trainer Stefan Krämer was released shortly after the winter break when people were still in close contact with the ascent places.
This was followed by Norbert Meier and Fanny Heinemann before Heiko Vogel took over, who already has some impressive successes abroad in his CV (including double winners with FC Basel and cup winners with Sturm Graz). This now goes hand in hand with a course correction for newcomers:
After recently focusing on big names (Dominic Maroh, Assani Lukimya, Kevin Großkreutz, Stefan Aigner), you are now trying a better mix.
Big names like Jan Kirchhoff (formerly Bayern Munich) came again, but there were also very young additions like the three 19-year-olds Franck Evina (borrowed from Bayern), Jean Manuel Mbom (borrowed from Bremen) and Christian Kinsombi (Mainz 05) that should generate a breath of fresh air, enthusiasm for play and the team spirit that was lacking in the past year.
The squad is great for the individual class, but the question is, on the one hand, whether head coach Vogel will get the climate completely poisoned in the second half of the season and, on the other hand, how much time the highly impatient patron Mikhail Ponomarev will allow his head coach to do this.

1.FC Kaiserslautern

🔺Preseason: 9th in the 3rd league
🔺Quote for the championship title: 100.00 (Tipico)

1.FC Kaiserslautern has had a disappointing sporting season and, from the outside, a catastrophic season.
Despite a change of coach from Michael Frontzeck to Sascha Hildmann, you never got anywhere near the aspired promotional ranks. At the end of the season there was rank 9, which, however, completely receded into the background, as constant quarrels completely overshadowed the sporting performance anyway.
Ultimately, Luxembourg investor Flavio Becca joined after countless public mud battles. Regardless of this, however, sports director Martin Bader and sports director Boris Notzon prepared some highly interesting transfers, which ultimately could also be carried out.
In this transfer period, the FCK focused primarily on above-average third division players who know the league and have already proven their class there. For example, the defenders Jose-Junior Matuwila (Cottbus) and Felix Bachmann (Würzburg), as well as the offensive players Simon Skarlatidis (also Würzburg) and Manfred Starke (Jena) were able to sign off the competition. In our opinion, this is a very promising approach to get closer to the longed-for goal of 3rd league promotion in 2020, but bets should still be used with caution.
With Grill, Otto, Gottwalt, Botiseriu, Fath, Sickinger, Fechner, Bakhat, Gözütok, Morabet, Esmel and Jonjic, there are also a dozen of our own junior players who are 21 or younger.
Many of these are highly talented and also offer the chance to restore greater identification between the team and fans.

Hansa Rostock

🔺Preseason: 6th in the 3rd league
🔺Quote for the championship title: 20.00 (Tipico)

Over the past ten years, an incredible 13 coaches and eight sports directors have given Hansa Rostock a handle. During the winter break, sports director Martin Pieckenhagen and trainer Jens Härtel from Markus Thiele and Pavel Dotchev took over.
The tender hopes of being able to intervene again in the promotion race with this new duo – despite ten points behind the winter break – were not fulfilled.
Instead, the yield was only marginally better compared to the first half of the season (one point more and thus improved a place in the table).
Ex-goalkeeper Pieckenhagen succeeded in a real transfer coup on his former position: Markus Kolke is an outstanding third-division goalkeeper from Wehen-Wiesbaden, who preferred to look for a new challenge in Rostock instead of moving into the second division with the Wiesbadeners go.
Adam Straith also made a strong addition to central defense. Head coach Härtel did excellent, continuous work at his previous station in Magdeburg for many years and led the club from fourth to second division. If you let him continue to work in Rostock, he can be trusted to put the Hansa cog on the road to success.
With the high odds, advancement bets on the FCH in the 3rd division are not necessarily wasted money.

⚪️3rd league 2019/20 promotion bets – forecast and betting base trend

The bookmakers see FC Ingolstadt in the 3rd league 2019/20 as a clear favorite for the championship title. We share this view, because the Schanzer squad is excellently staffed and coach Jeff Saibene has had success in all of his stations. Especially in comparison with the two relegated relegations Magdeburg and Duisburg, we see Ingolstadt clearly favored, so that we can, with a clear conscience, recommend advancement betting on Ingolstadt in the 3rd league.

⚪️Key facts – 3rd league 2019/20 betting

▪️Ingolstadt is the absolute top favorite thanks to the largest individual class
▪️Braunschweig with a very inexperienced head coach
▪️Uerdingen with good individual players but without a real team spirit last year

Anyone who is not afraid of the third league 2019/20 bets that start in a few days with high betting odds on an outsider should suggest a championship tip to Hansa Rostock or 1.FC Kaiserslautern.
Kaiserslautern has strengthened above all with players who already know the division well and who stand out positively in the third division.
Therefore, a shorter settling-in period may be necessary there than, for example, at MSV Duisburg.
In addition, the Red Devils have an absolutely overwhelming fan potential, which can be good for some additional points on the Betzenberg.
Hansa Rostock has converted the defensive into a real bulwark and with Jens Härtel a trainer who can work very successfully on this basis.


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