Belgium vs England World Cup 14/07/


Belgium vs England Today’s Soccer Prediction


After surprising Brazil tactically and knowing how to suffer against the South American team, Belgium tried well against another powerful team, the French, but ended up suffering a goal in a weapon that used in the decisive moments – the ball stopped – defeated by the minimum score, staying out of the big World Cup final. However, the victory in this third and fourth place match will still be Belgium’s best campaign in world history.As it was proposed to play ball in almost every moment of the World Cup, as the duel of this afternoon still has a historical symbolism for the Belgians, imagine the Hunger Selection to prove that not being in the World Cup final was the work of the details of the football. In his favor, the fact that he was less physically and mentally worn out against his rival and beat him in the group stage when they both played with alternative formations.
Coach Roberto Martinez has his full training to use in this historic dispute for the country.


There are selections, there are sports teams that have defeat as a partner, even without wanting it. It seems to me that the English Selection is one of these cases. Yes, his nemesis in the semifinal, Croatia, was possibly stronger than he was technically, but England, less physically worn out and with the advantage during almost the whole game, expected more. The Seleção omitted, calling defeat, finding it. 2×1 tack reversal in overtime.
Despite being a footballing country with a World Cup title in a home-grown World Cup, England are collecting failures throughout history. No, the campaign in this World Cup was not one of them, but without a doubt, England wasted the greatest chance of returning to a World Cup final in over half a century. Yes, it’s a young team, which lacks the most shooting and the weight of having already been a World Cup semifinalist, will leave the Seleção stronger for the future. The third place to be won this afternoon will be England’s best away campaign in history.
Coach Gareth Southgate could opt for the exchange of some parts in the starting team after the extension in a game one day after the disputed that the rival.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Belgium vs England

Although historically this game is worth very little, I see some importance this time for both. Whoever wins, or will make his best campaign in the history of World Cups, or will make the best campaign away from home in World Cups, Belgium and England respectively. From the tactical stance of the English team, the duel could be more balanced. But with the same being more worn physically and mentally, with Belgium wanting to prove that it is not in the final for details, I see a little more chances of Belgium deserve the favoritism here.

Prediction Today: Belgium or Draw

Odds: 1.34


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