Is bet365 serious ?


Many bettors often ask the question whether bet365 is really serious. The question is of course justified, because there are also many black sheep among the betting providers. The betting business has been more than questionable since its very existence and not all the providers can rely on a good reputation.

Information about bet365

Bet365 has been around since 1974 and has been able to build many regular customers during this time. For several decades, customers have trusted the bookmaker and it is the seventh largest company in the UK. More than 1700 people are employed there and this alone speaks for the good reputation of the provider. Bet365 has more than five million customers from 200 countries, so you can really trust the provider.

The provider solves problems quickly and precisely

The provider is certainly one of the most reputable companies after decades on the market and if a problem should arise then bet365 will quickly seek a solution. In any case, the company has a keen interest in making customers happy quickly and simply, and eliminating problems as quickly as possible.


There are numerous forums in which one can inform themselves about the seriousness of the various bookmakers. So there are a lot of forums, which give information about bet365. Many customers write here their experiences and opinions. Although most of these are mostly personal problems, one can still read that bet365 always strives to find solutions as well. Nevertheless, if complaints or problems should be read, then you should not think of anything bad, after all, they appear everywhere.

General offer

There are not only sports bets on bet365. If you want to stay on the market for a long time now, you have to develop and offer something to the customers. In addition to sports betting, gambling is also offered. At the forefront of course there is poker and a big casino. After all, you want to remain a leader and not only make customers happy in the field of sports betting. In any case, bet365 can very well cover the gambling market and this alone makes the company a very serious company.


The sports betting service has been around for many years and the market is still growing. The new challenges bet365 mastered so far with flying colours and the competitors are convincing. The offer has even a lot of low leagues to offer and also rather unknown sports come to the train. There are a total of 25 different sports to choose from and so everyone will surely find something for themselves. There are also betting on TV events and politics. Here the odds are above average.

The casino

The casino has numerous slots, table games and video games on offer. Here, too, customers have a wide choice and can choose among many games and attractions. The area of poker is for the most of course, especially interesting. There are also very tricky and unusual variants offered.

The personal data

Personal information is a very delicate matter these days. You do not want third parties to have access to it. The company is very careful and does not pass the data on. They are treated very confidentially and so far nothing negative could be complained about. Also with inquiries a security code must be entered first, then spam can be excluded.


Surely, some are wondering if the data will be shared with authorities. Who operates on the Internet gambling, especially  is not really on the safe side. However, it can be said that bet365 does not pass the data on to authorities or offices. Most customers should be very calm now. At bet365, the British law applies, so no data may be passed on and even if there is a demand, the company has nothing to talk about.

Dealing with the money

For many customers, the question of money is of course very important. How is the money managed? It can be said that the money at bet365 is really in good hands. It is managed confidentially and you can be sure that nothing will mysteriously disappear. Again, there have never been negative headlines. The company is also very cautious when it comes to paying in and out and protecting customers wherever they go.

The odds

Of course, the huge and betting offer also convinces on the basis of its odds. Bet365 is also in First League odds, and no other vendor has a high chance of winning. The payout ratios is around 95 percent. So around 95 percent of customers’ deposits are paid out again as profits. This really is an excellent cut. Even in outsider betting, bet365 scores points with excellent odds.

Live bets convince

The live bets are also serious and convince the customers. Most sales are made in this area. The field of live betting is very impressive and will be staged accordingly. Several hundred live events are offered daily and convince with the various betting opportunities. Most live bets are even streamed, so you’re always up to date and never miss a bet. Above all, football is in high demand among customers.

Seriousness everywhere at Bet365

The website of bet365 is very simple and clear. Usability is paramount, and even beginners will find their way around very quickly. It certainly takes a while to really know all the features, so it makes sense to spend a lot of time with the site for a few days. Then you can start betting right away. At the beginning of course, once an account must be opened. When the first deposit is made is up to you. There are several ways to charge the account. It is particularly popular over the Paysafecard and also a lot of e-Wallett solutions are available. Nevertheless, the site is very serious. There are several options for withdrawals, but here the bank transfer is the most popular. However, the processing takes three to four working days. If there are any problems, then of course you can always turn to the customer support.


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