Cagliari vs Atalanta Free Betting Tips 14.01.2019

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Atalanta opens this Monday, January 14, its participation in the edition 2018/2019 of the Glass of Italy. For the eighth-finals will face Cagliari. The match will be held at the Sardena Arena in Cagliari, and is scheduled to start at 2.30 pm (Brasília time).The tournament consists of eliminatory games. In this way, only the winner is still in contention for the title. Four stages have been played, but the big investment teams have been exempted from the initial stages. In case of equality in the marker in the regulation time, the regulation establishes the necessity of the realization of extension of 30 minutes. If the tie persists, the definition happens through penalties.


The owners of the house had to start paddling earlier to reach the eighth stage of the competition. They opened their campaign in the Glass of Italy in the third phase before Palermo. With the right to play at home, they asserted the field goal by scoring 2-1. The draw put Cagliari as a visitor in the fourth stage of the showdown. In front of Chievo, Serie A flashlight, the team managed to survive by repeating the 2-1 win.It was one of two wins the team has achieved in the last ten games, in which it reached four equalities and was beaten four times. Nine of these matches were for the Italian Championship, where he completed the first round in the thirteenth position. He has 20 points (four wins, eight draws and seven losses).You are in a relatively comfortable situation. Without the technical and economic conditions to ambition bigger goals, it fights only to keep as far as possible from the relegation zone. It has seven points ahead in the comparison with Bologna, eighteenth placed, which opens the Z3.In Sardinia Arena, it achieves slightly higher performance. It is the eleventh best runner-up in Serie A with 14 points (three wins, five draws and one defeat) won in 27 games. At home, made ten goals and suffered seven in the Italian Championship.


The Bergamo team still does not seem to be fully recovered from the overwork they exposed their players in the preseason. He needed to do this to battle for a spot in the Europa League qualifiers. He lived the worst of scenarios. Not only did it completely modify the preparation schedule and compromised the season as it ended up being eliminated in the last phase.This caused a start of contention of the series quite turbulent. Only the start of the second half of the first round did the team show signs of reaction. With 28 points (eight wins, four draws and seven losses), he closed 2018 in eighth place.It follows outside the classification zone for international competitions in the season 2019/2020. But he shortened the gap to the front squad. Now two points separate Atalanta from Roma, sixth placed, which closes the elite block of the table of classification of the Italian Championship.The team has been extremely efficient as a visitor. In that category, he was fourth best in Serie A, having won 14 (four wins, two draws and four losses) from his 30 points. He made 24 goals and suffered 20.

Football Prediction of the Day Cagliari vs Atalanta

Cagliari were the winners of their last three matches against Atalanta. The most recent of them was in the first round of the Italian Championship edition 2018/2019. As a visitor, he scored 1 to 0.
The Atalanta numbers as a visitor to the Italian Championship show a daring team that seeks the goal – and leaves room for the rivals. Cagliari, even in his own domain, prefers a more conservative stance.

Bet Tips: Atalanta

Odds: 1.95

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