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The UEFA Champions League has now been played for the 28th time since the 1992/93 season.
The tournament, which also existed between 1955 and 1992 as the European Champion Clubs’ Cup, is considered the most important title in European club football and attracts millions and millions of football fans worldwide to watch TV sets.
In addition to FC Bayern Munich, who have won the Champions League and previous tournament five times in total, only SV (1983) and Borussia Dortmund (1997) from Germany were able to win the Henkelpott – both with a final victory over Juventus Turin.
On this page we now look at the current Champions League season and provide you with the odds of the top favorites.

⚽️Betting odds Champions League winners 2020

⚽️Here you will find the odds of the top favorites for the Champions League title 2020.

Champions League winners forecast & odds for the Champions League season 2019/2020

In seven of the last eight seasons, remarkably, a club won the Champions League in the end that had not won the championship in its national league the previous season. The current title holder is even a club that only finished fourth in the previous season: Liverpool FC. If the trend continues that national champions have a difficult time in the follow-up competition of the European champions’ cup, the two top tips Manchester City and FC Barcelona are by no means as favored as the bookmakers see it. Instead, names like Liverpool FC and Real Madrid could once again top the list.

The main reason for Jürgen Klopp’s Reds is that since the German head coach of the six-time Champions League has won, the final has been reached every season in which LFC has been represented internationally. An impressive record, because Liverpool FC under Jürgen Klopp has never lost a knockout game with a return game. But Real Madrid is definitely a serious opponent again. After the disaster season, Zinedine Zidane pulls the strings at the Blancos again and could possibly lead the white ballet to the throne of Europe again after his recent exceptional successes. In any case, the quota promises so much return that the tip is almost a mandatory tip.

The poor results of the reigning national champions are excluded: Manchester City, FC Barcelona, ​​Juventus Turin, Paris Saint-Germain and, with some drawbacks, maybe also Bayern Munich, but also hot candidates for the Henkelpott. The Sky Blues in particular have once again strengthened themselves with hopeful talents for a transfer fee of almost 170 million euros. In addition, the young stars in the Pep Guardiola team are once again enriched by another season and a number of experiences and could sooner or later be the turn of the moment. The Blaugrana – most recently again the measure of things in Spain – has increased enormously with Antoine Griezmann. Should the shaky candidate Neymar return, Barca would have the most feared offensive in Europe.

Juventus Turin and Paris Saint-Germain have also increased, both of which should be able to expand their supremacy at national level and thus have the advantage of being able to concentrate fully on the premier class. But: In the past few years, the falling tension around March and April, when the national championship was as good as dry, was again and again more disadvantage than advantage. FC Bayern Munich can also sing a song about this. The Reds, who were still unable to land the required cracks on the transfer market, could therefore find it useful to have an exciting fight in the Bundesliga with Borussia Dortmund and RB Leipzig for the title, which is why the selection of Niko Kovac also remains a title aspirant.

We see the best ratio of risk, likelihood of occurrence and chance of winning in the run-up to the 2019/20 season at Liverpool FC, who last reached the Champions League final two times in a row.

⚽️Betting on the Champions League winner – how it works

In terms of long-term betting, not only are bets on the upcoming German, English or Spanish champions highly interesting, but of course the question of who wins the Champions League is a very popular betting market. You often benefit from regular dream odds early in the season here – if only because the circle of favorites for overall victory in the Champions League is traditionally very large. After all, the title not only goes regularly to the top teams from Spain, England, Italy and Germany, but also the best teams from Portugal, France and the Netherlands have won the handle pot several times.

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Every now and then there are real surprise teams that nobody really had on their list, although you should go with the more or less open favorites with regard to the overall Champions League victory. After all, the last time that a team triumphed that no one had had before the start of the season was half an eternity ago. Nevertheless, it is difficult to keep the right nose among the at least five to sometimes even ten favorites for the overall victory. After all, a lot depends on the luck of the knockout phase, while bad luck for injuries or a critical phase in the national league has given many top favorites the surprising end.

Also striking: the winners didn’t turn up until the second half of the season. Real Madrid recently won the third handle pot in series only as a group second. Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool FC only ended up in second place in the preliminary round and just about qualified for the knockout phase. The Reds even had three preliminary round defeats and just nine points, which tend to be rarely enough for the round of 16. Especially after this weak preliminary round, the overall winner’s tip would have been most worthwhile, as the best betting odds could have been obtained at this time.

Last, but not least, you need to know that the odds for your personal favorite on the overall victory in the Champions League are constantly changing throughout the season. Whenever something happens that puts overall victory in the distance (and a narrow away defeat in a first leg in the knockout phase is enough), the betting rate increases, which is why it can be tactically very clever to do so Lurking moments in which the triumph of the favorite has become a whole lot less likely, at least temporarily. It can also be observed time and again that teams for which national football is no longer at stake from the quarter-finals or semi-finals at the latest, because the national championship is already in dry cloth with a high lead, are suddenly also experiencing an international decline in performance are. So if you have to fight and fight nationally week after week, you tend to recommend more for a bet on the overall Champions League victory.

⚽️Champions League winner in Europe in recent years

The record winner of the premier class is still the Spanish noble club Real Madrid, which, including the trophies in the European Champion Clubs’ Cup, has won the highest European award 13 times and is also a favorite in the current season in the Champions League. FC Bayern Munich is also striking with five appearances in the final in the past 22 seasons, with the German record champions only winning the title twice, while Germany, Italy, England and Spain in 2013 also won Germany for the first and only time so far national endgame got when the Bayern met Borussia Dortmund, who exactly 21 years ago secured the coveted handle pot in 1997. The Spanish are meanwhile unlucky in the premier class. In addition to Atlético Madrid, which has lost three premier-class finals with no title win, Valencia CF also failed in their two consecutive appearances in one final (2000 and 2001) without a tournament win.


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