Estonia vs Belarus EURO 2020 – 06.09.2019

Zeroing on the leaderboard, the Estonia and Belarus teams have their paths crossed on Friday, September 6. The match is part of the schedule of the fifth of the ten qualifying rounds for Euro 2020. It will be played at Le Coq Arena in Tallinn, Estonia, starting at 1 pm (Brasília time).The teams are part of group C, which as it has five teams has a team of “off” each day. The lead comes from Northern Ireland, who has amassed 12 points from four games. Germany, also with 100% performance, has nine points and is in second place. The Netherlands ranks third with three. The flashlight is divided by Belarussians and Estonians, who have not yet scored.
In celebration of the tournament’s 60th anniversary, the sixteenth edition of the tournament will be played next year in 12 countries. The qualifiers have 55 teams in contention, including Kosovo’s first appearance. They were divided into ten groups with five or six participants who will face each other in turn and return. In the end, the top two will have their classification guaranteed.The remaining four places will be contested by the 16 group winners in the four versions of the European League of Nations which had their first edition played in 2018. In case the winners also get a place in the playoffs, their place in the playoffs that will define the last participants of the tournament. Euro 2020 will be occupied by the team that took the next position in their tournament key. The final battle will take place in March next year, just before the start of the Euro Cup, which is scheduled for June 12 to July 12. The final will be in England.


When tie-breaking criteria are used, Estonians end up in the last position. This, however, is of little value, since the first criterion for determining the position in case two teams score the same is the head-to-head match and this will be the first match against Belarus and for the development of the key so far. teams will make a knockout to avoid getting the flashlight.Estonia’s momentary disadvantage is the result of the team’s disastrous performance in the match against Germany on the June double day. The selection was run over having taken 8-0 of the Germans. Earlier, in the first game of the series, had even made a reasonable display against Northern Ireland, although in the end counted another defeat, by 2-1.In March, at the opening of the qualifying round, Estonia, who had time off in the second round, faced Northern Ireland in their debut match. It was beaten by 2 to 0.


The group C schedule cannot follow normal schedule due to Netherlands participation in the Nations League finals. The relocation of the matches meant that the Belarusian team did not have a break even in the first four matches. This will only happen in round six.Even being the team with the most performances in a row, the score is still zero. In their debut, they beat the Dutch 4-0 at home to their rivals and lost 2-1 to the Irish in visiting condition.In the double day of June, they made two home games losing to Germany (2-0) and again to Northern Ireland (1-0).

Football Prediction of the Day Estonia vs Belarus

It is no accident that Estonia and Belarus are zero in the leaderboard. Technical quality is lacking for both teams. Thus, the prognosis for equality turns out to be the best guess for Friday’s match for the fifth round of Euro 2020 qualifiers.

Bet Tips: DRAW
Odds: 3.00

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