FC Nürnberg vs Wolfsburg Free Betting Tips 14/12

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Nürnberg still lacks the first goalkeeper, and the replacement has been bad, most recently in Bayern-lussing. Can the wolves exploit it? They still lack two ideal starters and have doubts about two others, but have great finishes and won the last race.


Der Club – the oprycker club with the fine, though attended traditions – typically gets good support on the lags; Like out of stock (50,000).
Nürnberg has been a lot better at home than out: 2-3-2 (9-8). Offensively, it looks heavy, but defensively it has generally been ok (*).
In the last home game, 1-1 came against dangerous Leverkusen. However, it was best played on an extremely rainy track.
Wolfsburg was lucky at home last weekends 2-2 against Hoffenheim who had a lot more tries than Wolfs.
The outfit still lacks midfielder Camacho (since September) and defends Tisserand (9/11).
Damage to the attacking left-back Roussillon and offensive man Mehmedi.


Wolfsburg (No. 9 with 19 points for 14 matches; 8 points more than Nürnberg) is 2-1-0 in the last 3 rounds, including 2-1 win in Frankfurt.
The wolves have generally been good, despite only 3-1-2: have achieved fifth most tries within the frame and have allowed the next game.
The big attacker Ginczek has scored in the last 2 rounds.
Nuremberg is number 15, ie fourth. 0 victories in the last 8 rounds that have given 5 losses. Last Saturday’s 3-0 duel at Bayern.
The oppress team is the third team of the league to come up with trials within the target frame. And have closed the most goals by all (though most out *).
Goalkeeper Mathenia is missing again: Reminder Bredlow (* 2) has been poor in the last 3 matches. Stands anyway. “Has been good during training,” says the manager.

Football Prediction of the Day FC Nürnberg vs Wolfsburg

Finally, get in with input. I’m tempted by win at odds 2.05 at Bethard. A couple of weeks ago I found value in Leverkusen victory in Nuremberg at odds 1.8. That game rained away, but this time there should be dry weather (though cold) in Nuremberg. Wolfsburg has hardly Leverkusen’s potential but still a better team than Nuremberg, I should think. However, the dubious players worry about me.The main absence and doubt should be mentioned above. In addition: Nürnberg still without defender Lippert (since March 2017). Wolfsburg still without center defender Jung (since February) and midfield reserve Azzaoui.

Bet Tips: Wolfsburg

Odds: 2.10



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