FK Gorodeja vs FK Minsk Soccer Betting Tips


FK Gorodeya welcomes FK Minsk on matchday 8 of the Belarusian Premier League, Vysheyshaya Liha.
This game will kick off on 8 May 2020 at 6 p.m. The two teams have not yet faced each other very often, although Gorodeya has never won against Minsk at home.
That should make this game interesting. The fact is that there is currently no team favored by bookmakers.
Could sometimes be related to the fact that both have not yet been able to deliver. You can find out more about both teams on this page after experts have subjected them to a detailed analysis.
In the betting tips and predictions you will find, in addition to an experienced prediction about the game, well-founded information about the most lucrative betting variants, for which we also took the odds comparison at hand, so that you can get the best out of your betting tips.

 FK Gorodeja

`After 7 match days in the strongest Belarusian football league, Gorodeya holds 10th place in the table.
They were a bit better than Minsk, but only a bit. They have 3 wins and 3 losses and 1 draw so far, as well as a goal balance of 4: 6.
To date, only 1 victory was possible in front of their home crowd and they had to surrender twice. They scored only once and allowed 4 goals.
Let’s look at the past season, which ended them in 7th place in the table. You won 12 games and lost 10. They were satisfied with a draw 10 times.
31:29 is the goal balance. They are inferior to Minsk in the final, but are the third best in defense.
In front of their home crowd, they were the eighth best in 2019. Away they made the fifth best team. At home they decided 7 out of 15 games and made 3 draws. They surrendered 5 times. They scored 17 times and allowed as many goals. Away they won 5 games and lost as many.
They also made 5 draws. 14:12 is the goal balance abroad. Gorodeya has been coached by Oleg Radushko since June 26, 2019, who has an average success rate as a trainer of 1.23 PPS. He has never won against FK Minsk coach Razin, but had to admit defeat in an encounter.
Against FK Minsk only 1 win was possible and 3 losses, as well as 1 draw.
In 4 home games against FK Minsk you won not a single game, but lost 3 and scored 1 draw.
This draw was on November 5th, 2017. Since then, they have lost 2 games and celebrated 2 wins away.

FK Minsk

To date, FK Minsk has won only 3 games and lost 4, scored 11 times and conceded 15 goals.
This gives them the 13th place in the table of Vysheyshaya Liha.
After all, they were able to celebrate 2 victories abroad, but also had to surrender twice. However, they scored 6 times in these 4 games while conceding 5 goals. FK Minsk was even weaker than Gorodeya in 2019, as they ended last season in 9th place in the table. You have decided 9 games and have made 9 draws.
They lost 12 games. Minsk scored 36 times and admitted 44 points.
They were the sixth weakest in the final and the sixth weakest in the defense.
FK Minsk also provided the third weakest away team and the sixth best home team.
In 2019, they could only win a single away game and make 5 draws.
They accepted 9 losses. They scored 15 times and allowed 25 goals. 8 wins and 4 draws were possible against a home backdrop. Only three times they gave themselves up. 21:19 is the home goal balance. Andrey Razin has headed the sporting skills at FK Minsk since January 14, 2019. He has an average success rate as a trainer of 1.18 PPS and has already won against Gorodeya and her trainer.
He also suffered 1 defeat against Gorodeya. They won the last away game 1-2, as did the penultimate one. As mentioned before, they have never lost to Gorodeya abroad.

Football Prediction of the Day FK Gorodeja vs FK Minsk

The odds for tip 1 and tip 2 are very similar.
But we believe a little more in a victory for FK Minsk.
We therefore recommend a tip 2 as a winning bet, but would secure it with a double chance tip X / 2 bet, ergo, include a draw.
If you consider that Minsk decided twice in the first and four times the second half in the Vyshejschaja Liha, in 8 games, then a tip 2 halftime 2 is of course recommended. In contrast to the betting providers, we believe that over 2.5 goals will be scored. This was the case six times in 8 games. As a result, we advise an over / under bet on over 2.5 goals.
At both teams, we would bet yes, although we are no d’accord with the bookmakers.
In every home game between Gorodeya and Minsk both teams met, so we can of course speak of a value bet.

Bet Tips: FK Minsk

Odds: 2.65


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