HB Torshavn vs Streymur Soccer Betting Tips


Little by little, European football is resuming its course.
The Faroe Islands championship is not an attraction, but it signals that it is time to play football.
What, only Belarus should have the attention of microbes.
The first match of the season is that between HB Torshavn and EB Streymur, match scheduled for 09.05.2020 starting at 17:00.
We are trying to offer you a first winning bet from this unique championship.

HB Torshavn: Team form, news and statistics

◾️HB Torshavn finished last season in 4th place, first below the places leading to the early Europa League preliminaries.
◾️The home team won the cup after a 3-1 draw with Vikingur, but then lost the Super Cup to Klaksvik after 1-1 in regulation time and 4-5 in the tiebreaks.
◾️Although only 4th place last season, HB Torshavn stood out with an excellent attack with 62 goals scored, standing better than rival B36 who finished in 2nd place.
◾️Another interesting statistical element is the evolution on home soil, HB Torshavn former leader from this point of view, with 32 points collected and a goal average of 41-15 in 14 stages, ie an average of 4 goals per game.
◾️The newest member of the club is Delphin Tshiembe, a Congolese raised in Denmark, announced to the team in early March 2020.
◾️Among the other newcomers to the club is the 30-year-old player Össur Dalbúd returned to the club where he scored 23 times in 38 games.
◾️As a matter of fact, the team was coached in the period 1997-2002 by Ion Geolgău.

EB Streymur: Team form, news and statistics

◾️EB Streymur was lucky, so to speak, not to relegate to the second division.
◾️He finished penultimate in the previous season with an execrable ranking line, 5-3-19 and goal difference 25-63, but he remained in the first division because in the second league the first 3 ranked were reserve teams of the first league teams and not they had the right to be promoted, so in 2020 we have the same composition of the first division as in 2019.
◾️In the away matches, paradoxically, EB Streymur played better, collected 11 points compared to the 7 obtained on his own field and had a goal difference of 15-33 compared to 10-30 in his own stronghold.
◾️But anyway we turn these statistics one thing is for sure, EB Streymur will have big problems this season as well.
◾️Away team, havent got a player players, aged 18 to 22, with today’s opponent Símun Sólheim, 18, and Hjalti Djurhuus, 22.
◾️He also made the move to the big team Teitur D. Olsen, and Poul Grunnveit Olsen, a 29-year-old player, had his contract extended.

⚽️Statistics of direct matches HB Torshavn vs EB Streymur

EB Streymur did not have much luck in front of HB Torshavn, in the most recent 5 games he managed only one success, a 1-0, and in the other 4 failures he scored 13 goals.

Football Prediction of the Day HB Torshavn vs Streymur

After a delay of 2 months, the Faroese boys get to work and I think they also have a desire to play after such a hiatus, so I will choose a goal bet because otherwise you can’t really bet on this match.
If I take into account the most recent 5 games played on the field of HB Torshavn, then 3 of them had 5 goals and up, the headliner being, obviously, the host team that scored 6 goals in 2 matches.

Bet Tips: Over 3.5 goals
Odds: 1.75




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