Ingolstadt vs Wehen Free Betting Tips 28.05.2019

Ingolstadt vs Wehen betting tips – Ingolstadt’s Audi Sportpark stadium will host the return of the play-off between Ingolstadt and Wehen on Tuesday evening. After the outcome of the tour, Ingolstadt is very close to holding for the third year in a row in the 2nd Bundesliga. However, Wehen has not lost hope and will move with the thought of winning and at the same time promoting in the second league of Germany. See below the analysis and predictions recommended for this game!

1. Latest news before playing betting tips Ingolstadt vs Wehen!


He finished the season on the 16th place in the Bundesliga standings.
Several months ago, Ingolstadt was already one leg in the third league, but now it is also saved from relegation.
Coach Thomas Oral managed to revitalize this team and make the players believe in their abilities.
The team was very defensive in the first hand with Wehen, Ingolstadt managed to score in crucial moments assuring a huge advantage before returning home.
He had a fantastic season finish, managing to win 6 victories in the last eight games.
He has won the last two games played on his own field without receiving a goal.

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He finished the 3rd season in the German 3rd league and needed only one point to ensure his direct promotion in the 2nd Bundesliga.
He finished the season with four consecutive wins.
It is the team with most goals scored in the 3rd League!
He managed to score at least one goal in each move in 2019.

2. Information about the latest direct meetings!

Ingolstadt was forced into the play-off round, played on Wehen’s field, with a score of 2-1.
The last direct confrontation disputed on Ingolstadt’s ground ended with the host’s victory, score 5-1.

Football Prediction of the Day Ingolstadt vs Wehen

Ingolstadt scored a 2-1 win in the Wehen move in the first hand of the 2.Bundesliga playoff, and the team was already a step closer to avoid relegation to the third German division.
Ingolstadt is undoubtedly more solid than Wehen, but coach Tomas Oral will have to keep his students on the ground.
Wehen, on the other hand, has no option but to attack the whole arsenal in this return, but I do not see her able to face the one at Ingolstadt. Therefore, my recommendation is to rely on the host team’s victory!

Bet Tips: Ingolstadt

Odds: 1.66


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