Inter vs Barcelona Free Betting Tips 06/11

Inter vs Barcelona Betting Tips

Seven straight wins in the league after a somewhat smarter introduction make Inter the second behind Juventus in Series A. Stabila 5-0 against the middle team Genoa this weekend thanks to a goal in each half of Gagliardini, as well as one of Politano. Joao Mario and the rivals Nainggolan did in the absolute end of the game to really cement the victory. They have scored two goals per game at home and are also very stable backwards. In the Champions League they have beat both PSV and Tottenham, but when they played away against Barcelona at the end, it was a tough match. Did not have much ball, but focused on being right and trying to show up when opportunity was given. It did not happen, but the Spaniards made both 1-0 and 2-0 before the match was blown off. A completely injury-free squad with a number of players who have really shown goal form should be able to make a chance at points at home, but against a Barca who seems to have regained the form we do not think it will be.Barcelona had a really bad face in front of the previous meeting with Inter. Between the end of November and the beginning of October, the four straight matches played without winning and in addition, Messi was injured by the star star. However, the match was the turning point. Barcelona played well and had two thirds of the ball possession. 1-0 was made by Rafinha after half an hour’s game and Jordi Alba declined by 2-0 with just over ten minutes left to play. The win meant that Barcelona scored a maximum of nine points after three rounds of the group, and with the 5-1 to Real Madrid in the league afterwards it feels that the fainting can be considered over. This weekend, however, it was far from Rayo Vallecano. Suarez put 0-1 after ten minutes, but when the clock ticked up to 90, it was home team that had 2-1. However, Dembélé scored 87 minutes into the game, and Suarez set his second for the evening and secured the victory at extra time. In addition to Messi, Vermaelen and Umtiti are also missing, as well as Sergio Samper. We believe in Barcelona. Even though it became tight this weekend, they scored three points and turning a match gives strength.

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Bet Tips: Barcelona wins

Odds: 2.05



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