Sports betting tips today 03/18/2020 – What can I bet on?


⚽️Full day of play in Nigeria!

Does the belt need to be tightened daily? Partly true, because the Russian Premjer Liga is now also canceled.
The Süper Lig continues and finding sports betting tips today on March 18, 2020 is even easier than the day before.
A full game day takes place in Nigeria’s top division.
20 clubs will be involved in a total of ten games.
BetBase informs which sports betting tips are possible today in Nigeria and other leagues and provides an overview of all betting events taking place for which the best betting providers have advertised quotes.

⚽️Betting tips today – In these leagues on 18.03. played

🔻Brazil (individual games of the state championships)
🔻Turkey (Süper Lig continues, various lower leagues in action today)
🔻Friendly games (e.g. in Russia)
🔻Hong Kong Premier League
🔻Nigeria Premier League
🔻Palestine West Bank League
🔻Singapore Premier League
🔻Guatemala Primera Division
🔻Nicaragua (Clausura and Youth League)
🔻Costa Rica (Primera Division and second division)
🔻Gambia, Myanmar, Nepal (lower leagues)

⚽️Nigeria Premier League on 3/18/2020

The ball is rolling in Nigeria! The Premier League is playing a full matchday today.
Among other things, the duel between leaders Plateau United and relegation candidate Kwara is on the program.
Sounds like a clear duel, but striking are low goals in Nigeria.
For example, Plateau United, as the top team, scored fewer than 1.5 of their own hits (and only collected slightly more than 0.5 per match).
The keeper of Kwara United also had to get only 31 eggs in 24 games from the nest despite the negative series of his club.
The underdog was also encouraged by the close 1-0 win on the previous day, making Kwara one of four teams with exactly 28 points.
There are rare wins, which is why plateau vs Kawara is definitely focusing on the betting odds for the tip of under 2.5 goals.

⚽️Namibia premier league betting odds today – plateau united vs Kwara United

▪️Nigeria victory plateau: 1.19
▪️Draw: 7am
▪️Nigeria win Kwara: 13.00

▪️Over 2.5 goals: 1.95
▪️Under 2.5 goals: 1.85


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