Torpedo Zhodino vs Belshina Soccer Betting Tips


FK Gorodeya lost their opening match this season and will host after a 1-0 loss on the road to the likes of Vitebsk in their previous league encounter.
Soligorsk will visit after a 0-1 loss in their opening encounter at home with Zhodino in the last match in the campaign.
Looking at their previous run, the host will be worried despite having the home ground advantage as the visitors were the 3rd placed team last season.
The match between Torpedo Zhodino and Belshina will start at 5:00 pm and will take place on the Torpedo Stadium in Zhodino, being the first game of round 2 of the Belarus Vysshaya League.


◽️It was one of the teams that produced surprises in the first round in Belarus, defeating a title candidate, Sahtior Sologorsk, with a score of 1: 0.
◽️The surprise was even greater, given that Zhodino had just lost two hands in front of this opponent, in the Belarus Cup, in the quarter-finals, losing at home with 1: 0 and away with the score of 2: 0.
◽️Left wing, Gabriel Ramos, won the match with Sahtior Soligorsk, completing a counter-attacking phase of his formation.
◽️He transferred 2 players from the opponent in this game, two midfielders up to 25 years old, both being used in the victory with Soligorsk, Yuri Pavlyukovets and Ilya Kukharchik respectively.


◽️He started with the left when he returned to the first division in Belarus, losing the first game, 3: 1, at home to FC Minsk.
◽️It was a game in which he played much worse than his opponent, even if he managed to break, the hostilities being clearly controlled by the more experienced team, FC Minsk.
◽️And it was normal to be like that, considering the weak team that Belshina has, a team with only 19 players, many of them being rebounds from other teams in the first league or young players from the second teams in Belarus.
◽️Veteran Leonid Kovel scored the goal in the defeat with FC Minsk, being brought this winter even from the opposing team in that game, its market value being only 50,000 euros.

⚽️History Direct confrontations.

▫️In the previous 5 direct meetings it can be seen that the two teams have equally divided the number of successes, both winning 2 games, one game ending indecisively.
▫️The last 2 direct meetings took place in the 2016 season, Zhodino drawing home, 2: 2 score, traveling away, 3: 1 score.

Football Prediction of the Day Torpedo Zhodino vs Belshina

With 6 years experience in the first league in Belarus, the host team is a lot stronger than the opposing team, the visiting team being a newly promoted one, a team with a much smaller team, the team that has not yet settled with the first division.
The lack of experience in the first division of the Belshina formation could be seen in the first round of the championship, when they lost at home to FC Minsk with a score of 3: 1, after the break they led with a score of 1: 0, FC Minsk having in its turn many years in the first division.
Zhodino has resisted heroically in the first round against Sahtior Soligorsk, winning that match even in overtime, being a team that can thus win any match at any time, especially if it takes place on their own ground, they will get the most points in the previous season in matches on their own ground.

Bet Tips: Zhodino Torpedo wins

Odds: 1.63


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