What is League of Legends and how it is played. Bets LOL


What is League of Legends and how it is played. Bets LOL

🕹What is League of Legends and how it is played

Launched in 2009, League of Legends is an electronic game designed for most computer game enthusiasts.
Riot Games has managed to find the perfect recipe to quickly attract followers, which has made it one of the most popular in a very short time.
Considered the most played computer game, in 2019 it celebrated 10 years since its launch, in an event broadcast live.

“Together we have built a thriving community throughout the world and we want to show our appreciation for everyone,” said the people at Riot Games.

On October 15, ten years have been celebrated since the launch of the game, through a grand gala broadcast live.
As the desire to watch this festival was great from the fans, the organizers offered to resume the event the next day.
It is somewhat expected to be so, considering that in 2014 at least 67 million people played League of Legends. 27 million did it in one day. At this moment, the official FaceBook page of the game has about 15 million followers, and the Instagram one is followed by 3.4 million people.

🕹League of Legends bets

Betano has a wide range of betting offers, including League Of Legends tournaments.
It is a betting agency that offers at least six types of bets on eSports for each match. Match winner, map winner 1, map winner 2, match handicap, total maps, correct score, first at 5 kills on map, first at 10 kills on map, first at 15 kills on map, first at 20 kills on the map.
These are just a few of the options you can bet on League of Legends matches.

Bets find in video games a partner when they want to choose an event for the day ticket. The most popular betting agencies in Romania regularly have eSports matches on offer, including League of Legends. LEC, LPL, LJL, LPLOL, are competitions that take place throughout the year.

🕹How to play League of Legends

Two teams of five players will try to break into the opponents base to destroy the main building.
You must do this using each player of the team as a champion chosen according to the strategy made. Thus, of the 140 champions, a team must choose the best one to occupy a corridor.

Once chosen, they must increase in level and at the same time to repulse the attacks of the opponents of the three existing colors on the map.
I can do this by facing the danger in the jungle. Between the color there is a jungle, where monsters and plants make their age. The most important of these are dragons and Baron Nashor.

🕹How you develop your champion

Champions grow in power as they gather enough experience to move to a higher level. By killing minions and creatures in the jungle, they get experience and gold, which helps them grow and buy powerful items. There are important issues, even crucial to winning in front of the enemy team and laying the groundwork.

When a champion or player from the opposing team dies around the champions, they receive the experience. When they gather enough experience they move on to the next level and can unlock or upgrade their skills. Their direct involvement in killing an enemy or destroying the enemy’s defense structures brings even more experience.

Gold is just as important as the League of Legend experience.
Basically, it’s the exchange currency in the game, which you can use by buying items for your champion.
Thus, winning gold also depends on your activity in the game. You must participate in the assassinations, kill minions or creatures of the jungle. With the obtained gold you go to the fountain and with the help of the store you purchase the item you need or the ones needed to create the item according to your champion.


🕹Baron Nashor and the importance of his neutralization

Baron Nashor is the most powerful monster the jungle has to offer.
Killing this monster brings a magical and monetary reward to the team, but you don’t have to face it alone.
We can associate it with the famous “Roshan” from a relatively similar game, DotA 2.
The killing of Baron Nashor gives Nashor’s hand to all living champions who have done so, for up to three minutes.
This hand increases the attacking power of the team, generating advantages for the minions of the team that killed Nashor.

🕹The benefits of minions


▪️50% movement speed bonus
▪️75 attack bonus
▪️50-70% reduction of damage caused by adverse champions
▪️75% Reduction of damage caused by minions.


▪️20 strong attack bonus
▪️100 bonus attack zone
▪️50% rocket speed bonus
▪️50% -70% reduction of the damages caused by the champions


▪️50 attack bonus
▪️600 bonus attack zone
▪️50% reduction in attack speed
▪️100% bonus damage from the turns
Increased size


▪️50% movement speed bonus when there are 800 units of minions or enemy towers
▪️25% bonus attack speed

🕹Terms specific to the League of Legends game

▪️Nexus – the main building of the two teams. Once destroyed, the game ends and the team that managed to knock it down first is declared the winner.
▪️Champion – the character that each player controls
▪️Minion – Fighting units that are generated by each team’s base in a short period of time. They are of several types: Super, Siege, Caster and Melee.
▪️Turret – is a fortified tower that attacks champions and enemy mions as they enter its range. It is an important component of the League Of Legends game.
▪️Item – is an item presented in the game as an improvement for a champion. It can be purchased from the store located near the fountain. A champion can carry six such objects.

🕹League of Legends – in the top 10 most awarded games

The field of professional video game players has increased from year to year.
This has attracted many important sponsors, who periodically organize contests which most of which.
League of Legends is a game that has not been missing from any major gaming event.
In the 2018 edition of the League of Legends World Championship, record prizes were awarded for such a competition.
6.45 million euros were the total prizes, which puts it in 9th place in a ranking of the biggest prizes offered at video games tournaments.

FunPlus Phoenix are the ones who managed to win the $ 834,375 prize for the first place in the League of Legends 2019 World Championship. Most of the major competitions were won by teams of Asian players.

Liu “Crisp” Qing Song

Kim “GimGoon” Han Saem

Gao “Tian” Tian Liang

Kim “doinb” Tae Sang

Lin “Lwx” Wei Xiang

The same FunPlus Phoenix, the team that holds the World Champion trophy is also the 1st place in the world rankings. It has 1280 points, followed by South Koreans in Q1, with 1258 points and G2 Esports, with 1252 points.

🕹The biggest prizes awarded to competitions

▪️LOL 2018 World Championship – $ 6.45 million
▪️LOL 2016 World Championship – $ 5.07 million
▪️LOL 2017 World Championship – $ 4.96 million
▪️LOL 2019 World Championship – $ 2.5 million

🕹League of Legends in Romania

Our country hosts an important community of players of different levels.
There are numerous groups, which number about 100,000 players.
League of Legends is also part of the series of electronic games competitions that took place at Bucharest Gaming Week and will take place this year.
Bucharest Gaming Week 2020 is due to take place this October too. October 19-25 is the period chosen by the organizers to hold this edition, but the Main Event is hosted by the Parliament Palace.


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